JHAB3 – Flight 3 Scheduled for 4/29

We’re scheduled for our 3rd launch on Sunday 4/29/2012 @ 9:00am. Winds look pretty good. Flight 3 will attempt to use our new HAM radio tracker (KJ6UXA-1), 3rd camera facing downward, and finally capture the decent on our GoPro.


Launch Readiness Status: GO

Launch Scheduled: 04/29/2012 @ 9AM (16:00 Zulu)

Launch location:  Yorba Linda High School

Call Sign: KJ6UXA-1 on aprs 144.390 MHz (Voice Alert 100.0 Hz CTCSS)

Chase Team: TBD

Estimated Landing Zone: Moreno Valley 37 miles from launch site

Estimated Flight Time: 1:55


Flight Path Predictions:

12 thoughts on “JHAB3 – Flight 3 Scheduled for 4/29

  1. Well, looking at your staion statistics, It looks like the HAM telemetry worked! Did you end up getting the MicroTrack AIO? Any photos of how you positioned the antenna?

  2. I just got my ham license for a HiBall project, and am wondering about some of the rules. Basically, how many licensed radio operators do you need for a flight? If one person is on the ground tracking with his HT, and the balloon is transmitting APRS with something like the AIO, can the balloon use the ground person’s callsign? Or are two callsigns and licensed operators needed, in case the guy-on-the-ground wants to transmit?

    • Starrynite, first congratulations on getting your HAM. You can use one call sign and add an SSID to your call sign. For example we added KJ6UXA-1 for the AIO unit, and KJ6UXA-2 for our chase car. Josh (KJ6UXB) has a HT as well so we can communicate during recovery if needed. I have a Kenwood TH-D72 which I really like, dual band and APRS unit so we can easily track using it, as well as our iPad (with 3g) using aprs.fi. The best approach would be to seek out your local HAM clubs, some are very helpful and are happy to assist. I look forward to hearing about your HiBall project!

      • Cool. And before I forget again, congrats on your flights!
        Yeah, I also just bought a Kenwood D72A. Pretty neat. There are a couple hams here who are helping me get up to speed quickly, one of whom does digi’s and APRS. I was reading last night and figured out the balloon would be a beacon, with a -11 SSID. I would be a mobile, as you said.

        Thanks, and congrats again.

  3. Hi,

    Nice work on the project. I myself am working on a high altitude balloon project. You can visit my blog at stratohab.blogspot.com. The only problem we have is getting the Microtrak AIO to work. I am using the antenna that came with it, and I am not getting a good signal. The only time I have seen it register on APRS.fi is when it was < 1 mile from a digipeater. I am starting to think it is not a very good antenna. I saw you used the 2 meter di-pole. Would you recommend it? Did you try using the MicroTrak with the antenna it came with. Did you have a similar experience?

    • Hi Kyle,
      I read your blog posts, looks like your project is coming along nicely.

      As far as the AIO – I see that it appears to be working, based upon a quick search of aprs.fi for your callsignKB1YLP. We tested it several ways; first with the antenna which came with it, like they suggested, we too needed to drive around with it for a awhile to hit more digi’s. We then wen’t down to our local HAM store and purchased a couple of different antenna’s, and tried them out – but the $20 magnet mount base on the car worked the best – it provided much greater reception. I put the AIO in the car for several days to and from work, and around town. Worked great. If you haven’t changed any of the settings, it should work just fine.

      For our flight, we wanted to use the 2M dipole – worked fantastic! Highly recommend it for a HAB flight. For $40, well worth it.

      Best of luck on your first flight, we’ll be watching.
      Ken & Josh
      KJ6UXA, KJ6UXB

      • Yea thanks.

        We’ve been using the rubber duck antenna. I never bought the mag mount one. I might get the dipole if I don’t get a better signal with the rubber duck. Thanks for the info. I let you know how it goes.

        • Thanks for all your help again with the MicroTrak. It worked perfectly on our flight to near space. Check out the video we compiled. Please share it. https://vimeo.com/47907178

          On August 19th, 2012 at 12:52pm, We launched the weather balloon and successfully took pictures at 65,000 feet!! Research and development took 6 months, and it culminated in a 2 hour trip traveling over 90 miles taking beautiful pictures of southern Connecticut. In some of the pictures, you can even see the ENTIRE length of Long Island and the curvature of earth.

          Our facebook page with ALL photos: https://www.facebook.com/StratohabBalloonLaunch
          Visit our blog: stratohab.blogspot.com

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