JHAB-6 – Part Duex

Balloon Launch Status

Launch Readiness Status go
Launch readiness has been evaluated, and is currently GO. No foreseeable issues with launch progress.

Launch Completed: 01/04/2013 @ 10:00completed
This balloon was launched on 01/04/2013 at 10:00. Launch was completed at 11:52.

Mission Flight Director name Joshua Nagel email nageljp27@gmail.com

Launch Location: Victorville CAOpen in Google Maps


Description of Launch

Second launch with the indie movie team in an attempt to capture the footage required for their movie. Trying something different this time; prior to launch, we tethered the payload for a controlled ascent and descent to ensure we captured what they are looking for, then we launched. Short flight, estimated at 1h56m total time.

Post-flight - Awesome launch today, we captured some great footage and the flight wen't flawless. It reached a max altitude of 24,559m (80,574f) with a little shorter flight time of 1h25m vs. the planned 1h56m, which caused our predicted landing zone to change and actually made recovery a little easier; it landed in a large remote ranch house. The owner was very nice and let us in to recover.

We finally captured the entire flight, including burst and descent! We celebrated our success with a good burger at the Burger Depot (http://www.yelp.com/biz/burger-depot-lucerne-valley ) If you find yourself at the edge of the earth, I highly recommended it!

Distance from launch to recovery: 24.5mi/39.6Km
Max Speed: 169.16 mph (272Kmph) at 66606ft (20301m)
Shot 100% on the new HERO3® camera from ‪http://GoPro.com.

Payload Details

Payload Weight: 1.724 kilograms / 3.7928 pounds
The weight of the payload in kilograms.

Balloon Weight: .8 kilograms / 1.76 pounds
The weight of the balloon in kilograms.

Payload Details

Two GoPro Hero3's, APRS radio, Trent USB power supply

Post Flight Details

Flight PathDownload KMZ File KJ6UXA-6
The KMZ file contains all the packets collected via the Amateur Radio Network, viewable in google earth. If you download the file into Google Earth, you can view the 3D version.

Landing LocationOpen in Google Maps

Flight Information

Landing Time: 11:52
The time that the balloon landed on the ground.

Flight Time: 01:24:46
The length of time that the balloon was airborne. Formatted as HH:MM:SS.

Maximum Altitude: 24.55987 kilometers / 15.26 miles
The maximum altitude the balloon reaches in kilometres.

Flight Media

Flickr Slideshow

Youtube Video

2 thoughts on “JHAB-6 – Part Duex

  1. Hi there again. It looks like I was too late to wish you guys luck. How did you get on using the Go Pro 3’s? Were they noticably better than the Go Pro 2’s you used? Any fogging issues? I was also wondering if you had backup tracking with SPOT and if so, did you have regular 10 minute updates throughout the trip? Many Thanks Chris @ Balloon News

    • Hi Chris,
      We launched two GoPro Hero3 Black editions – and they were awesome! We added defoggers in each case, but I still noticed a small amount of fogging on the edges for a short time early in the flight, it cleared quickly. The WiFi connectivity is a huge plus, in helping to adjust settings and doing a preview in the pre-flight (we turned WiFi off for launch), and the medium vs wide format cuts the fish eye effect down considerably. We’re very happy with them.
      We were going to put the SPOT in for backup, but it would have thrown our weight limit off. One of the GoPro’s was fitted with a Trent USB power supply to help with the GoPro’s battery life (which is still an issue) – the other was not. The one with the Trent used barley one bar, the other landed after 2hrs with 1/2 bar left (both also had the GoPro bat pac’s).

      Our trusty APRS unit from BigRedBee worked flawlessly again.

      It was a great flight, beautiful clear day and the team was very happy with the images. I’m still working on the video and will publish soon. We posted some of the still on our launch page.

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