JHAB-7 – Shiver – Joshua Tree

Balloon Launch Status

Launch Readiness Status go
Launch readiness has been evaluated, and is currently GO. Lost in the hills of Joshua Tree.
UPDATE: Found on August 3rd aprox 6pm near the old mining road to Contact Mine by Ranger Jodi from Joshua Tree!

Launch Completed: 04/20/2013 @ 09:00completed
This balloon was launched on 04/20/2013 at 09:00. Launch was completed at 12:11:53.

Mission Flight Director name Joshua Nagel email nageljp27@gmail.com

Launch Location: Victorville CAOpen in Google Maps


Description of Launch

We have been asked by another film crew to capture a launch. Our payload will have three GoPro's, 1 capturing the Balloon, another capturing the ascent (facing downward) and the third capturing the flight. Our trustee Beeline GPS HAM radio will be onboard as well.

The winds are a bit tricky this flight, forcing us further up HWY 15, past Victorville, even then the landing zone is very close to the Joshua National Park.

Planned flight is about 2 hours with an 800g balloon, and a fast ascent rate of 6 meters per sec, with a goal of 27,000 meters (90K ft).

Payload Details

Payload Weight: 1.724 kilograms / 3.7928 pounds
The weight of the payload in kilograms.

Balloon Weight: .8 kilograms / 1.76 pounds
The weight of the balloon in kilograms.

Payload Details

Three GoPro's, APRS Radio

Post Flight Details

Flight PathDownload KMZ File KJ6UXA-7
The KMZ file contains all the packets collected via the Amateur Radio Network, viewable in google earth. If you download the file into Google Earth, you can view the 3D version.

Landing LocationOpen in Google Maps

Flight Information

Landing Time: 12:11:53
The time that the balloon landed on the ground.

Flight Time: 02:05:19
The length of time that the balloon was airborne. Formatted as HH:MM:SS.

Maximum Altitude: 27.794 kilometers / 17.27 miles
The maximum altitude the balloon reaches in kilometres.

Flight Media

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