JHAB-8 – V2 Maiden Voyage

Balloon Launch Status

Launch Readiness Status go
Launch readiness has been evaluated, and is currently GO. No foreseeable issues with launch progress.

Launch Completed: 06/02/2013 @ 08:00completed
This balloon was launched on 06/02/2013 at 08:00. Launch was completed at 12:01.

Mission Flight Director name Joshua Nagel email nageljp27@gmail.com

Launch Location: Palmdale, CAOpen in Google Maps


Description of Launch

JHAB-8 First Flight of the JHAB2 capsule(JHAB-7 original design was lost).

Payload Details

Payload Weight: 1.588 kilograms / 3.4936 pounds
The weight of the payload in kilograms.

Balloon Weight: .8 kilograms / 1.76 pounds
The weight of the balloon in kilograms.

Payload Details

Payload: 1 APRS Radio, 2 GoPro's, 1 Contour. First Flight of the JHAB2 capsule(last flight lost)
Flight Plan currently is:
Launch between 8 to as late as 10am
Max weight is 3.5lbs
Payload: 1 APRS Radio, 2 GoPro's, 1 Contour
Flight time is roughly 2 hours.

First a tethered Launch and recovery for footage
Then full launch
Recovery location is ~ 18km (11 miles) from launch site, (very slight chance we might see it on the way down).
Recover, then recharge if needed, set for recovery activity.
Flight Complete - get a beer

Post Flight Details

Flight PathDownload KMZ File KJ6UXA-8
The KMZ file contains all the packets collected via the Amateur Radio Network, viewable in google earth. If you download the file into Google Earth, you can view the 3D version.

Landing LocationOpen in Google Maps

Flight Information

Landing Time: 12:01
The time that the balloon landed on the ground.

Flight Time: 02:48:00
The length of time that the balloon was airborne. Formatted as HH:MM:SS.

Maximum Altitude: 2.6 kilometers / 1.62 miles
The maximum altitude the balloon reaches in kilometres.

Flight Media

1 thought on “JHAB-8 – V2 Maiden Voyage

  1. Post flight log.
    Interesting flight. Although the weather reports predicted a calm 5mph winds at launch time, we had a much higher ground wind, which made the balloon fill and pre-launch really tough, and unfortunately upon release caused the capsule to drag on the ground before being air lifted. This caused the cameras to all shift.

    During the flight we could not figure out why at 39K feet, it continued to report altitude of 39K, we thought possibly a small leak in the balloon, but Josh quickly calculated that was unlikely. It also did not follow the planned route, probably because we didn’t get the fill we needed, as the balloon was so unstable at fill we could not get a good counterweight measurement – we guessed.
    Later in the morning we received an email from Bigredbee that a bug was found in the firmware, which caused the radio to repeat altitudes at 40K.

    Recovery was fairly simple, as it landed near a dirt road off the 395. We picked up the radio signal from the car mounted antenna around a mile away from the last known position. We really love the Bigredbee radio, (and have updated the patch to correct the 40K issue).

    The new capsule design worked out well, we have some minor changes planned to prevent the main Contour camera from hitting the lid. Which on this flight when it hit the ground it pushed the camera back into the capsule, so we have 2 hours of footage which looks like you’re inside the capsule looking out a portal window.

    We’re working on images and data. We captured some of the balloon burst.

    Strange but successful flight.

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