JHAB3 – Radio Check – a Success!

Joshua's High Altitude Balloon Project

Our 3rd flight of the JHAB project was a success! The flight plan included a launch from our local high school, and recovery around 30 miles away in the Perris valley. Our goal with this flight was to use our new HAM radio transmitter, with APRS tracking, capture images from the downward view camera, and capture the decent on video. We were successful in all of our goals except for the decent. travel destinations Our GoPro, even with the extra battery pack, ran out of power before the burst and descent. We even had road side service at the recovery!

Using the HAM radio’s and aprs.fi tracking we were able to track it to the exact location. As we were zeroing in on the landing location, we noticed a jogger carrying the capsule up the street. He found it on the path he was running on minutes before we got to it. We pulled up along side, exchanged greetings, and he handed the entire payload to Josh through the passenger window. We didn’t even have to get out of the car. Easiest recovery yet!

You can view the launch information on our new JHAB Launch Page. Take a look at the aprs tracking results too, the extra effort to get our HAM license and tracking really paid off.

Still working on gathering all of the images, data and creating a video, which I’ll post soon.

Lake Mathews From 60K Feet

Lake Mathews From 60K Feet


JHAB - 3 Predicted vs Actual Flight Path

JHAB - 3 Predicted (yellow) vs Actual Flight Path (blue/red)

JHAB3 - APRS Radio information

JHAB3 - APRS Radio information - Balloon Green line, Chase car Blue line

JHAB3 – Flight 3 Scheduled for 4/29

We’re scheduled for our 3rd launch on Sunday 4/29/2012 @ 9:00am. Winds look pretty good. Flight 3 will attempt to use our new HAM radio tracker (KJ6UXA-1), 3rd camera facing downward, and finally capture the decent on our GoPro.


Launch Readiness Status: GO

Launch Scheduled: 04/29/2012 @ 9AM (16:00 Zulu)

Launch location:  Yorba Linda High School

Call Sign: KJ6UXA-1 on aprs 144.390 MHz (Voice Alert 100.0 Hz CTCSS)

Chase Team: TBD

Estimated Landing Zone: Moreno Valley 37 miles from launch site

Estimated Flight Time: 1:55


Flight Path Predictions: