JHAB4 – Planning sessions

For our fourth flight (JHAB-4) – we’re going to try for an amateur altitude record. According to arhab.org/ – the current record is held by XABEN at 143,441 ft (43,721m) ! That’s impressive. Our goal will be at least 136,400 ft (or more).

To accomplish this, we’re creating a new capsule to lighted the payload to no more than 650g (1lb), and changing balloon’s to the 2000 gram Hwoyee Weather balloon.

Essentially – the flight plan is the lightest payload, biggest balloon, and very little helium. Based upon some current flight calculations, it will be about a 5 hour flight, and depending upon where we start – it could start at the California coast and end up as far as the California – Nevada boarder!

We’ll update again once we have more plans finalized.

2 thoughts on “JHAB4 – Planning sessions

  1. Hello Again,

    When I looked at arhab.org, it said that the XABEN record had
    been broken by a group named Bello Mondo on
    12-8-11. The new record is 145,590.60 ft. Yours
    would have to be very ingenious to break this, but I think you
    can do it!

    Hope You break it

    • Thanks – wow, these two guys out of the UK keep pushing the record. Both are prof engineers, and continue to set the bar very high (pun intended). it will be a challenge.

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